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Date:2004-11-29 19:35
Subject:Yeah I'm pretty much fucked...
Mood: depressed

Well quite a lot has happened since my last update.  Trying to think of where to start.

Ok, well at the moment I am completely screwed regarding school.  I have a project due tomorrow in a class that I have no idea what I'm supposed to do on it, and yes, there is a good reason why I am waiting until now to try and sort it out but I'm not going to go into it.  Also have 2 papers to write and a ton of homework to catch up on.  I think the fact that I have SOO much to do is why I find it so easy to just avoid it, it's just too overwhelming to even think I can finish any of it.  God my parents are going to be so upset when they get my grades.  Ugh, god feels like shit.

Anyway, had a good holiday weekend when I was trying to take my mind off of this situation.  Extended family came over here for Thanksgiving dinner.  Was actually ok, had a good chat w/Kim and Scott.  I'm doing a favor for Kim in a few weeks and that will give me some much needed money for the holiday season.  Have a few bills that desperately need paying.  Nicole came over that night to watch a few movies.  Sarah Hudson wanted me to go out, but I was in relaxation mood by then and was saving my money and energy for the weekend.

Friday I had to go to work.  God we were busy as hell.  So many families in town, guess they needed something to do.  Wasn't too bad, almost worked a full day and fun screwing around with Amanda.  We always try to get out of actual work whenever we can.  I actually enjoyed doing the train that day for some reason, prob. b/c people were in great moods and kept coming up to thank me for the lovely ride.  Sarah called me again and wanted me to come out with her, and I feel terrible now that I didn't b/c I didn't get to see her at all when she was in town.  That's crazy, first time in like 6 years I haven't seen her during break.  I hung out with Sarah Hermann that night.

Saturday, I got to sleep in since I didn't have class, thank god.  I forgot what I did all day.  Went to dinner at Old Chicago with Nicole, Shelbe, and Jessica.  Was fun.  I think we discussed things that we probably shouldn't have in a nice family place like that but I really didn't care at the time.

I ran home and got ready really fast b/c Sarah Hermann wanted me to hurry b/c Abby was over at her house and we were trying to think of a way to get her to come downtown w/us by using her sister's ID (since she's not 21) but she refused.  We didn't know what the fuck to do....if we left, Abby would get pissed, but we both wanted to go downtown to see everyone who was in town for the holiday.  I was dying to see and hang out with Abby too, but she just wasn't cooperating.  Anyway, we had a few drinks over at Sarah's and Misty showed up and kept asking us when we were heading downtown b/c people were awaiting our arrival.  Well Abby immediately got pissy and we knew it's be drama.  Abby called a few friends then just got up and left.  Sarah walked her to her car and had a 'discussion' with her, but she left pissed.

So Misty drove us downtown.  Stopped at Heroe's first.  It was quite crowded.  Immediately saw way too many people that I knew.  Ran into Kara Kennedy, Courtney Brown, Sergio Roman, the same guys that we hung out last weekend with Amanda and Jill, and some more.  Us 3 girls decided to buy rounds for the night.  Misty bought the first round.  Each round was about $12.  I got the 2nd.  We were having fun as more and more people showed up we knew. Stuever, Shannon White, Nicole Jaworski, Melanie Lopez, the entire Sullentrop family (Kathy, David, etc), the whole Meyer family (Dianna, etc), and Gerber clan were doing a pub crawl that night, so they were pretty amusing to watch. 

We eventually left around 12:30 or so and went over to Lot 150.  It was much older crowd (compared to Heroes) which was nice.  We went to the bar immediately and Misty bought the round.  Got some shots as well...had a GREAT shot called 'alligator'..something, forgot the whole name.  Anyway, so she shelled out like $30 more so I slipped her 4 or 5 for the shot.  So then we went off to dance.  We ran into the pub crawlers again there.  Amanda Hull called me while I was there and wanted to meet up so I went downstairs and met her.  We ran into Jared Vogel and Emily Iseman's ex-boyfriend from high school.  I cannot for the life of my remember his last name but his first name is Joel.  He recognized me so we actually chatted for quite some time.  We left for a bit to go to Heroe's again b/c Amanda wanted to see who was there.  When I went back, it was a whole different crowd in there.  I ran into MANDI, couldn't believe that.  She freaked and gave me a huge hug and came to talk to me and Amanda.  Brett fucking Gerber was there too and I actually had to stand back to back with him b/c he was dating a girl we were hanging out with..ugh.  Anyway, saw Stuever pulling Scott Bouska back into the bar as well. She was bombed as hell, but I stopped Scotty and got a hug.  Also said hi to Chelsea McClernon, I always seem to see her in town.  I went back over to find Sarah and Misty around 1:30 just as last call was happening.  We left and started walking back to the car when I saw Ashely Lentz in the window @ Indigo.  I waved to her then Misty decided we should go in haha.  We just walked in and gave a huge hug to Ashley.  Always love to see her. We went and snuck one last drink.  Misty paid again, not for mine, just hers and Sarah's.  (Sarah didn't pay for a round all night, kind of sucked, me and Misty both noted that). The bartender was sweet to give us one more when he shouldn't have.  All the oldies were there: Josh Maze, Curtis Lubbers, Dustin Lentz, Luke Caruthers, Jessie Stulatz (never knew how to spell her last name).  Was fun.  We finally left (I ended up driving home as I was the better of the 3 of us).  Sarah was the worst...had a hard time keeping her drunk little eyes open.  Me and Misty had a blast driving home, singing Gary Allan songs the best we could, while Sarah drunk dialed her boyfriend like 5 times. 

Got home just fine but wasn't tired.  I was angry/irritated b/c of a text message I received earlier at Heroes from Abby.  She told me to never ask to hang out with her again.  I couldn't believe that shit.  I showed it to Sarah and she got pissed.  I haven't written her back yet, wouldn't know what to say.  I texted Hanna and she got online to chat for a bit.  I really wanted to talk to Joe, but his ass was asleep.  Had a great night out though.  Lot of fun.

Finally fell asleep around 4:30 or so.  Sarah woke me up the next morning to discuss our night.  Talked for about an hour about the Abby mess and to see if she forgot anything about the night.  That skinny blonde always makes me laugh.  Hanna called me a little later.  God it was nice to hear her voice.  Her silly english/swedish accent.  We had a great chat and we discussed how much nicer it would be if I could stay longer when I come to visit, so I'm contemplating not going until May/June so I can stay for 3 weeks or so instead of just one.  We shall see.

Jesus this thing is long, who the fuck is going to read this?  I guess I'll shut up now.  Need to get to bed and stop talking to Colin b/c I have to drive in this shitty Kansas winter weather to class @ 8 am tomorrow.  Maybe if I got into an accident, they would give me a good grade. 

Ok, nite all. (Is it December 11th yet?) :(

EJ xx

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Date:2004-11-17 21:58
Subject:Slow week!
Mood: irritated

Nicole called me yesterday to tell me that Lacey is pregnant.  (Lacey is mentioned in the previous entry).  She had suspected that she might be, but didn't know for sure until yesterday.  I was quite shocked and sad for her, but apparently she's taking it ok.  I was just thinking back on how much she drank that night and how much she smokes.  She honestly smokes like a pack a day I'd say.  Scary..hope she's able to stop without too much difficulty.  The baby's father isn't really speaking to Lacey, I feel terrible for her.  Hope he wises up soon.  I can't imagine being in that situation.

Talked to  Cassi a little bit online last night.  Realized what a rare occasion it will be whenever we hang out again.  Our schedules are ridiculously conflicting and we are both out of town way too much (at least we WERE this past summer).  Only seen her twice I think since I've been back in the country.  Sad. I miss her terribly.  She has such an open mind and caring spirit.  Being around her always makes me feel like I'm fine just the way I am. 

Tried calling Hanna but she wasn't home once again. Impossible to get ahold of her apparently.  Need to send her a graduation/Christmas card anyway, so I'll just write some things in there that I wanted to say. 

Speaking of, I wrote Ida a letter during class the other day and still haven't mailed it.  Really need to do that before things get too out of date.   I am dying to know what is going with her over in Sweden.  Haven't heard much from her in a while. Get most of my updates from Viktor. 

I am actually working more than one day this week.  Have to work on Friday, which I'm actually looking forward to b/c I get to work with Amanda again.  God, we haven't worked together in ages..I'm always with Mickey or Willis.  We always have a good time once Eric leaves for the day.  She'll enjoy the Halloween pics too. 

I'm nervous about what Christmas present Colin is making for me.  Anything that requires a picture of me can't be good.  I absolutely hate seeing myself on film or photos.  We shall see....I guess mine will have to be quite creative as well.  Need to mail it soon I guess since it will prob. take a while to get to Australia. 

The SPONGEBOB movie comes out on Friday mutha fuckas!!!  Hell yeah!! Too bad no one in their right mind will go with me.  Actually, apparently Scott is dying to go and said he'll go with me but Jessica doesn't seem to keen on the idea.  Whatever. 

Hanna told me that NAU doesn't exist anymore.  Is that true?  I'm quite surprised to hear that.  I know it was a shitty place but kind of funny to imagine it not being there anymore.  I still want to meet up with her up there again and just relive some of our crazy moments...especially at Paddy's.  God how I miss Norweigians.  (I don't think Ida does for some reason though haha).

Everyone (well ALMOST everyone) is coming home next week for Thanksgiving Break.  I suppose I should get ahold of Abby.  We didn't talk much when I was up there for Halloween b/c I really don't like 'catching up' when someone is plastered.  Was going to stop by and see Barb and Bob last night on the way home from class, but stopped by Patti May's instead.  Gonna try and go out with Stuever too (that's always a trip).  Amanda will want to hang out with Mandi too, which will be interesting to say the least. 

Glad to see that I got a few people on LMP's board hooked on Kate Winslet's song 'What If'.  I remember laughing when I saw that song on a karaoke list in Ireland.  I was like 'no way KATE WINSLET put a fecking song out?!'  Apparently it reached #1 in Ireland and top ten in the UK.  Pretty cool.  I burned it onto a CD when I was in Sweden so now I listen to it all the time b/c it reminds me of sitting in Hanna's living room blaring music from both of our bedrooms haha. 

OK I'm off to bed I guess.  Another shite day tomorrow ahead of me.  Still need to find a job, fuck.  Nite nite.

EJ xx



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Date:2004-11-14 19:56
Subject:Nice weekend

Well it's Sunday night and I'm still trying to recover from last night.  Hope I'm sobered up enough to go work tomorrow.  Gonna be a cold, wet day at the zoo, but since I only work one day a week, I'm kinda stuck doing it.

Anyway, my weekend.  Friday night I went to see 'The Grudge' with Nicole at Northrock.  I was actually quite disappointed in the movie.  Wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be.  It's more of a jumpy movie than scary and I thought it ripped off 'The Ring' a ton.  We were planning on going to see the new Bridget Jones movie but it was only playing on one theatre as it isn't released to all theatres until this weekend so that didn't fit into our time frame.  I remembered why I don't like going to watch movies on the east side of town....the audience was SOOO annoying.  This one black lady talked on her phone 3 times during the movie.  She didn't have the courtesy to even whisper, she was like 'yeah I'm at the movie, what are you doing?' She had like a 10 minute long fucking conversation while we're trying to be scared by this movie.  I got so pissed that I went and got a cop who was around and he came into the theatre and talked to the lady and also kicked a few teenagers out who were ruining the movie by laughing through the whole thing and wouldn't shut up.  God, sucked.  Dying to see 'Finding Neverland' on Friday though.  Gonna be brilliant.

Saturday was cool.  Didn't go to class in the morning as I wasn't feeling terribly well.  Took a little nap and woke up to go shopping.  Went and bought some clothes at Old Navy then met up with Nicole and her friend Lacey to buy tickets to see Rascal Flatts next month.  Not the best seats, but I don't really care as I'm not a huge fan of them, but we'll still have fun.  Then we went to do a little more shopping at the mall for a few hours.  Makes me wish I had money to spend.  Lacey was cracking my shit up though....we got on really well and had a lot of fun.  Went back to Nicole's to change and then headed to the Butler County/Cowley County basketball game in Butler.  I hadn't been to a college BB game in a few years.  Was nice to be in that atmosphere again even though I really didn't care who won.  After the game we went back to Wichita.  Sarah Hermann was having a party as the family was out of town all weekend since hunting season just started.  So we went over there to party and have some drinks.  Was an all-girls night...sitting around the poker table playing drinking games.  Was a lot of fun.  Katie Duling was absolutely bombed and was cracking my ass up.  Eventually everyone left except me, Sarah, and Misty.  We decided we wanted to hit up a bar or two before last call so we headed to Jerry's and got a drink there.  Got tired of that place and headed downtown to Heroes.  Thanks to my lovely driving skills, we got there with plenty of time to get another drink and talk to some old friends.  They eventually kicked us out as Sarah was being hit on, once again, by some lad.  (I think it was Jeremy Calvert actually).  So we went back to Sarah's and dropped Misty off at her car as she headed home, I helped Sarah clean up a little.  I ended up staying the night and we had a long nice talk just like the old days before we both quietly passed out.  We both woke up around the same time (10 am or  so) and just laid there and talked until like 11:30 until Sarah started dying for some food.  We were both not feeling that well, but we hadn't eaten since lunchtime the day before so we went and grabbed some Chinese at Wong's.  Pretty good stuff.  I eventually left her to study and I came back home to try and recuperate.  I'm pretty knackered but honestly had a really good weekend. Felt so nice hanging out with Sarah again, it's impossible to not have fun with her. (Just in case you were wondering Colin, I drank Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort whiskey, and Parrot Bay Rum all night-cheers pal)

I remember that I drunk texted Shawn and tried to text Amy too but it never went through, so Amy if ur reading this, I tried kiddo, but our phones were having issues.  Will call ya soon New England girl.

Ok I'm off to read a little before hitting the hay so I can work my ass off all day tomorrow.  Shoot me now. 

EJ xx

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Date:2004-11-09 21:28
Subject:Already a slow week
Mood: content

Feeling better after Sunday's bitch session.  Just home from night classes, trying to relax unsuccessfully.  Had a chemistry exam, no idea how I did.  I studied a few chapters that weren't on it, but oh well, not much I can do about that now. 

Kristy called me while I was in class & left a voicemail for me to call her. Have NO idea what she wants, she's called twice now and I haven't called her back yet.  I'm guessing she wants to see the pics from the Halloween party. 

Worked yesterday with Willis and David, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I went to see the new baby rhino for about half an hour.  My God it is adorable.  Has little bug eyes, like she hasn't grown into them.  So fecking cute.  She's already being spoiled by the keepers.

This will be a fun weekend coming up.  Friday night me and Nicole are going to see the new 'Bridget Jones' movie.  Can't wait.  Saturday, Sarah Hermann is having a little get together/party at her house b/c it's the first time probably EVER that everyone has been out of the house for the weekend.  I love her new house, we'll have a good time.  Always hilarious when we get drunk together.  Crazy, crazy girl, love her.

Talked to little Hanna a little bit last night, haven't heard from her in a while.  Hard to believe she's graduating next month, wow. I'm sure it'll be really hard for her to leave the US and all the great friends she has over there in NC.  It was hard enough leaving Rapid Shitty.  God, that feels like a lifetime ago.  Just counting down the days to Spring Break when I will get to see all my crazy Swedes again.

Got an interesting email from James.  Still need to reply to it.  I need to talk to Dave about it before I write anything about it on here (good thing he doesn't know I have this little journal thing hehe).

Has anyone else out there ever skipped out on their tab before?  I did on Saturday night @ Old Chicago.  Not my idea, I was just pissed that the waitress NEVER brought my check out after I'd had like 7 or 8 drinks, so I was like 'f it' I'm leaving.  I asked Amanda what I should do and she just said to book it.  I left a waitress a tip and Amanda why like 'why the hell are you doing that?!' I said if I'm not paying my $30 tab, the least I can do is leave her a few bucks for all the mess she'll have to put up with later.  I also left her a couple of my European coins haha, she'll have no idea what to do with those, she was just one of 'those kinds' of waitresses.  I felt bad later, but I was tipsy, so didn't put too much thought into it.  Didn't feel bad either when Sarah said she would have done the same thing.

I guess that's my Tuesday for now, if I think of something else worth writing about, I'll come back to it.

Night y'all. 

btw Colin, glad u finally listened/watched some of Lisa's music buddy.  Waiting to hear what u think.  U only watched it b/c it was from Australia didn't u? tsk tsk

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Date:2004-11-07 18:38
Mood: discontent

Well today sucked.  I found out Conor's dad died on Friday and I just feel terrible for him.  I just talked to him on Thursday over there in Ireland and I know how much this must be hurting him.  Don't know what to do for him...

I actually did a little homework today but I'm so overwhelmed with shit to do that I don't even know what to do next.  I've never felt this nervous/frustrated with school.  Quite a helpless feeling. 

Let's see, what else is crappy right now.  Still want to shoot myself everyday I have to come back home.  Having 3 years of freedom then having to come back and feel like I'm not an adult is a pretty crappy situation. I would have an apartment somewhere if I wasn't planning on moving back to Ireland, have to save $$ for rent over there as opposed to here. 

I feel like all I do anymore is complain, which I hate to admit that I actually realize.  Got me thinking a lot more lately rather or not I should go back on my medication, maybe shouldn't have just stopped taking it cold turkey.  Really only stopped b/c of pressure from Hanna and Aisling, making me think I didn't need it, but obviously I do.

Speaking of Aisling, got a text from her yesterday, she was in Denmark for an Irish Music Festival, I assume she was playing in it.  I haven't talked to her since she's been in Sweden, as it's quite hard to get ahold of her, but she said she'll get ahold of me this week sometime.  Always nice to have a chat with her crazy Irish ass....just can't believe she actually went over to Sweden, I'm quite proud of her. 

A lot of people have been asking me about Sarah (Hudson) lately.  Honestly couldn't tell ya what is going on in her life right now.  Can't even tell ya the last time we spoke on the phone.  No idea what's happened to our friendship.

Dad just came in and told me that mom sliced her finger up sharpening a knife so he's taking her to the hospital to stitch it up.  It's always something around here...

I'm thinking of putting all my Corr crap up for auction on Ebay or on the XBoard on the CorrBoard...I know the French and Spanish groupies would snatch it up pretty quick, would give me some $$ to buy Christmas presents as well.  Not like I'm ever going to fecking use it anyway.

Not sure if Joe still plans on coming over to the States to visit during Christmas, he hasn't mentioned it the last few times we talked.  God can't imagine the time we'd have out on the town...he's a bad influence haha. 

Wow, just realized how long this entry is, still need to fill in the details of the summer, but will save that for another time, really not up for it right now.  Had a nice summer though, got a good job that I actually enjoyed which led me to make some great friends. 

Guess I should end this and go do something productive for a change.  I really want to call Hanna and talk to her, but it's 2 in the morning there, fecking time difference.  Sorry about the complain session...promise it won't happen again any time soon.  Just happens on Sundays sometimes. 

Love and miss everyone! xx

p.s. hope the date goes well Colin.  cheers pal. much love

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Date:2004-11-04 21:29
Subject:Long time no see....
Mood: stressed

Well I kinda forgot about this thing obviously since I've been back home in the States, but thanks to Colin for reminding me of it.  Cheers buddy.  I suppose I can start writing in it again, god knows I need some kind of therapy now anyway.  I really don't have time to do this, but everyone needs a break now and then.  Also a good way for my dearest ones overseas to keep up to date with my terribly exciting life here in hick country.

Just home from my night classes (Nutrition and Chemisty).  I actually enjoy my nutrition class but chemistry, jesus christ, shoot me now.  Have a huge test on Tuesday, have no idea how I'll get through that, but I have a few days to sort that out.  Classes aren't going terribly well right now.  I started off on the wrong foot is the problem.  Since I missed the first week of school to go to those fecking Corr gigs in CO and VA, I actually missed more than I thought I would, so I'm still trying to catch up months later.  Learned my lesson on that one. 

Been reading Hanna's away messages on AOL lately and I feel terrible for her.  She is so angry about Bush being re-elected, I'm not used to seeing something affect her so much like that, especially negatively.  Especially sucks because I supported Bush (not that I would tell her that though haha).  Seems that every friend I've talked to from another country is pissed of, which is understandable.  I had a hard time finding a Bush supporter while I was out touring Europe.  Just hope things turn around for us and we regain our allies.

My hours at the zoo have been dramatically cut back because we are so slow right now.  Too damn cold for people to be out looking at fecking animals.  Looking for a new job at the moment, preferrably at Best Buy or Bath & Body Works, something like that. 

Did I mention how much I just LOVE living back @ home? God, it's terrible.  Feel like I'm 17 years old again.  Mom and dad won't let up with questions and chores ('Where you going?' 'When you gonna be home?' 'You gonna be drinking?').  In all fairness, I am quite lazy lately, no idea why. 

Went up to K-State to visit friends up there for Homecoming last weekend.  Was mad, as always.  Had a blast. Saw Abby and the rest of the Logerman crew at their tailgate party first.  They were all bombed, of course, was a great laugh.  Weird to see her again, been over 2 years, but really was great to give her a hug and chat.  Hope to see her again when she's home for Thanksgiving. Then went over to a different tailgate to see Stuever again.  God that girl hasn't changed, still so much fun and many laughs.  She was also drunk, which I expected, as she'd been tailgating for a while.  Stayed and hung out with her and the frat boys for a few hours.  Her mom and dad came out @ half-time to have a drink with us.  It was quite funny to chat with them and confess all the shit we did in high school that they never knew about haha.  Then I went over to Joni's to get my lovely costume on and get ready to hit the town.  It's always great to see Joni, it's impossible for me to have a bad time around her, just her presence makes me happy and can't wipe the smile off my face.  She's such a nut and has a admirable heart.  We had a few drinks at the house (which was adorable) and then went off to a house party to find her roommate.  No luck at that one so we moved on to the next one.  Found Lindsay there but she wasn't in the best of moods.  Oh before I go any further, our costumes: I was a viking and Joni and Katie were hookers.  They def. looked the part, but not in a bad way, they were great outfits (Katie and 'the twins' brought a lot of attention her way).  Will post pics when I get them back.  Was like most house parties I had been to up there, but some people had creative costumes. I saw a funny Spongebob costume ('Stoner Spongebob' I think it was), and the 4 girls from Moulin Rouge had a lot of balls to walk out of the house dressed like that.  They made Katie and Joni look like nuns.  We all had fun drinking and dancing until Katie went off to fight with the boyfriend and me and Joni were quite knackered.  I took Joni over to Eric's to sleep and I crashed at a friend's.  Took me the whole next day to recover, and no Colin, didn't get to the whiskey that night....only had rum and JD shooters (which I guess could count as my whiskey intake).

Ok well that's quite long enough for now.  Will update more tomorrow.  Have to talk about what I was up to this summer. 

Cheers guys and I miss you all! xx



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Date:2004-05-17 21:33
Subject:Another day comes and goes so quickly...
Mood: indescribable

Today was gorgeous outside here in Limerick.  So nice to see everyone outside sitting on blanket, some studying, some playing football or rugby.  I should have studied, but I didn't.  Went to the library, had lunch, Aisling stopped by to see what was up, I went over to visit Hanna (who was studying outside and trying to get a tan on her Swedish belly), ran to Spar, went to the gym with Amy, stopped by Hanna's again to get some stuff to study with, came home to shower and eat dinner, and am now relaxing.  Feels so nice. 

Watched the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday over at Amy and Aisling's.  I had been anxious to see what the Contest was like since I have been hearing so much about it every since I became an ABBA fan. It was pretty cool.  Man, there were some CRAPPY acts.  I was cheering for Sweden, of corrs.  They were represented by Lena Ph who sang "It Hurts" (Det Gor Ont).  She did a good job and ended up getting 6th. Poor Chris Dorian got 2nd to last (he was the Irish representative).  He didn't do a bad job and the song was fine, it's just that the voting is too political.  Too many countries have alliances and vote for each other.  Countries like Ireland and the UK don't get votes from the mediterranian countries or places like the Ukraine or Russia.  Still really cool to watch, especially with Amy and all the lads.

Gonna have to pack up my books, pint glasses, and some clothes to send home this week.  Will be nice to get some of this shite out of here and not have to worry about packing it when I get ready to come home.  12 days til Amy and Hanna go....mad to think about.  Amy will be emotional about it but Hanna is trying to play it off as just a simple 'not goodbye, it's see you later' by not thinking about it.  I can't do that, but whatever works for her.  I should stop thinking about it and focus on studying. 

Anxious to see if people are going to ask me about being pregnant when I get home since everyone thought that was why they hadn't seen me in such a long time.  haha, wonder if I should lie or tell the truth.  People would be quite shocked if I was to have a kid.....well at least people that know me.

Well I am going to play around on this a little more, Hanna said she might stop by later, but I have money on it that she won't.  I would go into my reasons more thoroughly if I knew that she might not read this sometime in the future. 

Will write again tomorrow probably (hopefully)


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Date:2004-05-16 23:38
Subject:It's been a while...
Mood: melancholy

Well I have certainly taken my sweet ass time to update this bitch.  Things have been amazing around this joint.  Honestly don't feel like I'm in school because I never go to class and therefore have no idea what is going on in the lectures when I actually do go. 

Final exams started today, I didn't have one...don't have one until Friday.  I will be getting my ass kicked by both my exams on Friday and Saturday, but it serves me right.  Tomorrow will be my first real day of studying, will wreck my head. Irish Gov't and Politics can kiss my ass! STUPID MAURA ASHEAD!

Well time is winding down here pretty damn fast.  Both Amy and Hanna leave in 13 days.  I just cannot believe that.  This semester has FLOWN by, even my mom said that it seems that this semester hasn't been long at all.  God, I don't know what I'll do without Hanna or Aisling with me everyday.  Leaving BC wasn't hard for me at all last year.  Yeah, I missed Molly, but I left knowing that I would see her again sometime in the near future (this summer I'm sure), but God knows when I'll see these people again.  Same exact position and feelings that I had when getting ready to leave NAU and Ida and little Hanna.  It never gets easier.  I'm going to be a mess on the 28th.

I went to Williamstown (in County Galway) for Aisling's 19th birthday the weekend of the 7th.  Such an amazing time.  I absolutely adore her family.  Got on well with everyone I met there.  Her mom is an amazing cook and such a lovely woman to chat with about anything.  Wish I could talk to my own mom with that ease and enjoyment.  Her poor parents work so hard, I haven't respected someone that much ever.  Had a great time watching Ash and her sister play in the session in their pub Friday night.  Her sister, Cailin is complete gas...such a funny little girl, we traded jokes all weekend.  Saturday we went to Roscommon to a niteclub.  Good old Mikey drove us in his dad's lovely van haha, always fun times in the back of the van.  The club was class...really nice and big.  I got sufficiently drunk and had an amazing time. Really didn't want to go back to Limerick on Sunday night, but I had a paper to hand in the next day.  One of the best weekends I have had during my 9 months in Ireland. Thankful everyday that I have Aisling as one of my dearest friends, really love that girl.

Things with the idiot from house 42 are stupid at the moment so I'm not even going to write about them...I'm sure I'll remember what it was all about when I look back on my time in Ireland.  Just need to note the 21st b-day party I went to with Dave and James Fanning in College Court.  Great craic that night.  Bouncy castles rock, especially when you're drunk.

Hmm, what else to write at the moment. Honestly don't want to go home.  Not just because I will miss this place and people like crazy, I just have nothing to look forward to back home.  Things haven't changed one damn bit there, unlike here where everyday I thank God for letting me come here and for giving me the amazing friends that I have.  Everyday brings me so many laughs and memories and I can't remember the last time I could say that about Wichita...maybe senior year when I looked forward to every new day.  Yeah, I am dying to see Mary and the kids, but I don't want to work all summer (especially when all the money will disappear in August when I trek to Ohio, Virgina, and Colorado).  Ugh, just a crappy feeling...when you would do anything to stay where you are forever but knowing it's an impossible feat.  When I return to Ireland, thinking about how completely different things will be.

Well I am off to bed...bored and dreading tomorrow. Take care everyone! Much love from your favourite Kansan!



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Date:2004-04-01 19:58
Subject:Rag Week dying down...
Mood: drained

Well I was right, Rag Week WAS expensive, fun, and tiring.  I guess I should start with Monday.  First of all, I wasn't planning on going out at all on Monday but Aisling had a friend come down from Galway, so we had to take her out and show her a good time in Limerick.  We drank at her place for a while, introduced her friend Lisa to 'Kings'.  She couldn't believe how vulgar we all were, it was very funny to embarass her..poor kid.  So after we got sufficiently tipsy at the house, we headed to town.  We went to Trinity Rooms at like 11 but no one was really there, so me, Aisling, and Lisa left and went to Charlie Chaplin's for a quick drink there while everyone else stayed at Trinity until the dance club opened at half 11.  We had a great time there.  We were all 3 chatted up quite quickly and I ended up giving a guy a little kiss because he wanted one, he wasn't too bad looking either if I recall, so it was no skin off my ass.  So after our drink we headed back to Trinity (after stopping to let Lisa throw up haha, then she was fine and ready to go).  We met up with all the others again and I ended up sharing a pitcher of Sex on the Beach with James.  There were only 3 guys with us and like 8 girls, bad odds.  After we finished the pitcher, I went out onto the dance floor with James and before I knew it, we were making out on the dance floor lol.  Everyone else came onto the dance floor as well and could see us, so I decided to move so they wouldn't spy on us so we went into the VIP area.  That didn't work anyway, when I opened my eyes at one point, I saw that Amy and Aisling had come into the VIP area as well and were laughing at us.  It was funny, and I knew I'd be hearing about my little stunt forever, but I didn't care...it was fun.  We didn't leave until close (of corrs) then headed back to Aisling's house to hang out a little more.  Everyone eventually went to bed and I eventually left as well, after a few more 'precious moments' with James haha.  Had a great night...I was so glad to be out with Aisling.

I was pretty wrecked on Tuesday....took me all day to recover, but I did. 

Wednesday was awesome.  Hanna's boyfriend, Jonas had arrived from Sweden.  She stopped by in the afternoon to pick me up and take me to Stables for a few drinks with both of them.  It was very nice to meet him...he brought me 2 amazing CDs and a magazine from Sweden that I love, so I instantly loved the guy haha.  The pubs were packed, everyone was sitting outside on the floor with their pints and listening to some live music.  He was kind of in shock about it all, but so was I, it felt like Spring Break. So after a few drinks, we went back to Plassey to get some dinner and get ready to go out.  We went over to Anne-Marie's house in Kilmurry to pre-game.  I had a nice long talk with Jonas (mostly about Hanna and sex- seperate topics).  Me, Hanna, and Jonas left for Trinity Roooms (the rest of them didn't get tickets)...took the city bus to town, those are always interesting rides when they're full of drunk people.  So we got into Trinity, found a table, ordered some drinks and waited for the others (Fredrik, Maria) to show up.  They did a little while later.  I ran into a lot of my teammates there, who were all mad steamed (not a surprise).  Had a great time sitting around drinking and chatting and listening to the great music being playing by Keith.  I kept texting him, requesting songs, none of which he played.  Hanna took my phone and drunk texted him to play 'Dancing Queen' which he just laughed his ass of at.  I got shit from David when I ran into him and asked him for James' number...haha I just wanted to see if he was coming there tonight, which he wasn't.  Everyone in the house is still laughing at me about it, I don't care, I've had worse (picnic table haha).  Had a GREAT time, as always...never have a bad night when I'm out with Hanna. 

I got home and decided to call Ida (at like 4 in the morning).  She laughed at my drunken chit chat, but it was so nice to hear her voice.  She had a great time in Rapid City, which wasn't a surprise, that girl has fun wherever she goes.  I think I was in a really sentimental mood that night because Hanna kept telling me things at Trinity Rooms that were really sweet and about what it'll be like when we leave next month so it got me thinking of all my friends, especially Ida, that I've had to leave in the past, so that's probably one of the main reasons I called her.

Last night was class.  Aisling came over to work on her CV and she ended up staying until 3.30 in the morning haha.  We watched 'Steel Magnolias' and just chatted all night about anything and everything.  It was so nice.  I can honestly tell that girl anything and she is so understanding and caring.   REALLY gonna miss her when I leave.  We have a very honest friendship, and that makes me very comfortable around her. 

Well I think that's enough for Christ's sake. Next week will be hectic, Irish Revolution essay due that I am just starting now and tickets go on sale for the Corr's US gigs tomorrow so I will probably have to miss one of my SB games to come home and order them. 


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Date:2004-03-28 05:16
Subject:God this is going to be quite a week

Well tomorrow is the start of Rag Week and I know it's gonna be stressful, fun, and expensive.  Going out Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night. I know it'll be a blast but I'll also have 2 essays to work on that are due in week 8 so I'll have to do some good time management and get some shit done.  I'm also really going to try and make it to a lot of my classes, since most don't start until noon or 2 o'clock, no real reason I shouldn't be able to recover by then.

Had a nice weekend I guess.  Didn't do anything exciting worth mentioning here.  Watched a movie at Kerry's last night ('Boondock Saints') with her and Amy then came back here and talked to little Hanna for a while.  I was surprised to catch her online.  We talked about her latest guy situation, which is always interesting to hear about, and for some reason, I wasn't able to give her any valuable advice or information about it.  I felt really bad. 

I watched a lot of home movies that I burned onto DVDs before I left, last night.  Watching those really makes me think about a lot of things.  My favorite one is definately the one Hanna filmed at Jesse's party.  I was so glad to see Hanna and Ida again, and hear their voices.  We all look quite different now-a-days, which is funny as well, but that WAS 2 years ago so some changes are expected.  Watching all the ones with Sarah and Tessia made me laugh, god that feels like such a long time ago.  Funny now also because none of us are in touch anymore after being so close that summer. I talk to Sarah here and there, but couldn't tell you what was going on in her life right now, which I feel terrible about.  I don't know why we've drifted, probably the distance factor and the fact that I am really discovering my true self over here....coming to some real life decisions and haven't really talked to anyone from back home about it.  That reminds me, Cassi is another person I haven't heard from in a long time.  We stayed in really good touch the first semester but I haven't called her in a while and I know she is graduating in May, so I think I'll just send her an email because it's impossible to catch her on the phone, even with her cell phone. 

Feel really bad for Hanna...she's so stressed about her essay that she's spent so much time working on.  She thinks it is crap and I know it's not.  She is such a bright girl and I wish I could do something to calm her down and help her relax but I know that her boyfriend (Jonas) coming on Tuesday will cheer her up and make her happy. 

Saw more of Aisling this past week, so I feel better about that.  Forgot how nice it was to hang out with her and chat.  She's such a nutter, love her. 

Well that's about it for now...will probably write more later.  Not really in the mood anymore to write anymore.



By the way, this is the newest Corr picture.  I swear to God I didn't recognize Caroline! What is going on here? This is a terrible picture and if it's going to be the cover of the new album, I'm gonna shoot myself...come on guys, what is that!!

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Date:2004-03-19 19:47
Subject:God bless fridays..
Mood: calm

Not doing much at the moment, just catching up on my posts on all the various message boards.  Planning on having a nice, relaxing weekend after a hectic week and need to save money for Paris (going to EuroDisney in April for Easter break). 

Went to my 9 and 10am classes for once today, mostly due to the fact that I didn't go out last night.  One of the first Thursdays in like a month or so that I didn't.  I was too knackered from the St. Paddy's Day festivities still. 

Found out today that the Corrs are coming to Boston in August.  I am going to be there no matter what I decided.  Plane tickets are going for about $215 right now, which is fine with me, and I'll get to see Michelle and Chris again possibly.  A lot of my fellow Corr fans/friends from around the US (like Jen, Mark, etc) will be there so it'll be nice to meet up just like I did with the ones from the UK at the Meteors.  Man, it's going to be such a great experience.

God I have been such a lazy ass this semester. I feel like shit because of it.  No energy most of the time.  Probably because I'm usually playing softball this time back home so I had practice and weight training reguarly, didn't have time to be a lazy ass. 

Well that's about it for now. Post again later.

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Date:2004-03-19 00:02
Subject:Just some thoughts....
Mood: guilty

Just realizing that I only have 2 1/2 months left here. It's not so much that I'll miss Ireland, I mean I WILL, but I know that I'll be back in almost a year, so I'm gonna try and not get too upset about it, but I will miss the friends I've made here so much.  I've always had a hard time with friend management, meaning that I'm only able to focus attention on one group of them at a time. I remember senior year when I started drifting closer to one clique and farther from another.  I'm doing the same now.  Hard thing to handle b/c I can see myself doing it and I feel terrible.  I know some friends here are upset that I have only been hanging out with the Swedes lately and I understand that I'm neglecting some friendships, but I have such an amazing time with all my new friends this semester.  When I find myself having to choose between hanging out with one group or the other, I know automatically which one to choose.  Oh well, just wish Aisling was here....she hasn't been in Limerick much at all the past few weeks and when she has, I haven't been able to hang out with her.  I find that so odd when I used to spend every night at her house. I really miss her, which is sad since we're still in the same country.  Don't know what it'll be like once we're not.

I'm talking to Ida on MSN at the moment.  God Bless MSN.  I really miss that girl and our lives are very different and we are different people from the last time we were together, but yet, we still remain good friends and I know I can talk to her about anything.  She is such a goofball, always able to make me laugh, which I find amazing, especially now since she is so close to graduating and has so much work to do.  I know all my friends back in Kansas that are close to graduating are really stressed, which is to be expected but I feel like a burden to them if I distract them from their studies for a call or whatever, but not with Ida.  She always makes time and our conversations always leave me with a smile. 

Haven't talked to (little) Hanna in a long time.  Can't describe how great it was to see her at Christmas but since then, we haven't had much chance to talk.  She is quite the busy bee and her life is always so full of stories and on going dramas.  Always good to talk to her so I hope we get to sometime. I know the summer will be nice b/c we will have plenty of time to catch up then.

Been having bad dreams for the past few nights that involve my mother, and sometimes my father, dying in a bad accident.  I think this is partly due to the fact that they are in Las Vegas and I have no way to reach them, but other than that, I am dumbfounded as to why I'm having dreams of such nature.  Usually, they are quite funny and include some celebrity, usually a Corr or Tim..so I hope I have a good one tonight.  I don't like waking up scared.

Well that's enough for now. Have a 9 and a 10 am tomorrow that I really need to go to so I'm gonna TRY and get my ass to bed after I watch a classic South Park episode here on my good ole Compaq.  Take Corr everyone! -EJ

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Date:2004-03-18 19:22
Subject:First entry....let's see
Mood: lethargic

Well I've been meaning to sign up with this damn thing for a while but today I just felt like getting my ass in gear and doing it.  Just got back from my 4 pm lecture in Irish Politics and Government.  Rain started to pour as we left the buiding, of course, and so me and Hanna booked it out there to the main building to pick up some articles from Maria, then headed home to Plassey Village.  We had a long chat on the way home about how irritated our housemates make us.  While I live with 3 spanish people, 2 french, 1 canadian, 1 american, and 1 irish guy, she lives with mostly irish people but NONE of our housemates clean up after themselves (with the exception of my canadian and american housemates). She ranted and got it out of her system, I hope, and I felt really bad b/c I know how frustrating it is to live with slobs.  Not a whole lot you can do about it either, especially since we are all leaving in only 2 1/2 months. Poor kid, don't like to see her so upset. It's not in her nature to be angry like that, hard to see people she has to live with bring it out in her.

Well this past Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Dublin for all the St. Patrick's Day festivities.  It was so amazing to be there.  I never get tired of being in Dublin (been about 10 times now I think it is) and I just love every minute of being in the city.  When I'm not keeping an eye out for Jim, Caroline, Sharon, Andrea, Keith, Frank, or Gavin, then I'm hitting up Grafton Street or one of the many amazing clubs there.  K3, Renards, JRB's, and the Vaults are a few of my favs. so far.  I went up to Dublin this time with about 10 friends (all Butler kids-with the exception of Michelle, who's back here from Boston visiting). I didn't drink that much actually during the few days, unlike everyone else, who were all stupidly drunk on Tuesday night and felt like shit the next morning as we awaited the parade.  I didn't feel bad for them at all, that was the main reason I didn't drink a lot the night before, I knew we'd have a long day ahead of us the next day and would have rather enjoyed that then get drunk (which I can do anytime).  The parade was nice, not as good as the ones back home, but got to see Queen of the Jungle-Kerry McFadden and Miss World Rosanna Dawson again, after I saw them at the Meteor Awards. After that I went to the GAA finals at Croke Park with Jared and Cullen.  Pat was there as well with his roommate Phil.  It was so amazing.  Croke Park is absolutely beautiful and it was so packed there.  About 39,000 people.  The football final was a great game.  Galway beat Kerry by 1 point to take the title.  Cork won the hurling final earlier.  So glad I went.  Can't wait to catch another match there soon.

So we got back to Limerick around 8-ish and I checked to see what was up with my Swedish gang.  Hanna said they were all in Kilmurry partying, so I headed up that way.  I was still wearing all my shit from the parade earlier in the day (full face paint, hair dyed, beads, etc) so I had no intention of going into town with them looking like the idiot that I was.  They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and I left them as they boarded the bus to town.  I then went to check up on Sandra, since she didn't feel like going out, and just to have a chat.  It was nice to relax and talk with her, as I was very tired and there had been some things that I had been meaning to talk to her about anyway...so I'm glad I got to do that. 

Um, guess that's enough for today..might add more later. It's Michelle's last night here in Limerick, so we're gonna do something to say goodbye once again and hopefully enjoy ourselves. 

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Date:2004-03-18 18:53
Subject:First entry....let's see
Mood: lethargic

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